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Past Life Regression - Fact or Fiction?

Just because I’m a Hypnotherapist doesn’t mean I’m particularly spiritual. In fact for a therapist I’m quite cynical I suppose!

I have always thought PLR was nonsense, but my curiosity got the better of me after receiving several enquiries asking for it. “I’ll go and learn about it so I can form an educated opinion” I decided, then I’d feel justified saying no.

I booked onto the course and resolved to be openminded. The idea that time is not as linear, or finite as we think is not a difficult one. If we have past lives, this life could be one of them, right? Therefore there are future lives also. We could spend a lifetime exploring them all! I understand the concept, I just don’t totally believe it because I have no hard evidence.

Remembering my ‘open minded’ promise I let another Hypnotherapist take me through the experience as a client & went with it. This is what happened:

Once in Hypnosis, I imagined myself as a stone age man. I was wearing some kind of cloth sandals, basic clothing and I was carrying a light spear in a leather shoulder harness. I was very lonely & lived by myself. There were people not far from me who I used to watch & who wanted me to join them to dance & eat but I just didn’t feel able to. I died in my late 50’s wondering why I didn’t go & enjoy myself more. It was quite an uneventful ‘past life’, but it made me think, because I am one of those people who loses touch with friends over the years & I have been thinking a lot recently about this part of me. That’s probably why I imagined the life I did, as my unconscious mind brought up the feelings I have & tried to make sense of them (a bit like dreaming). I then moved into a 'future life', where I imagined fulfilling my potential & celebrating with my family after some successful research I had completed. This was based on something else that had been bothering me recently.

I found the whole experience very emotional, in a positive way because it helped me think about some things that I feel I needed to.

I also had the chance to take another therapist through the process & practice the technique myself. I met some therapists who were also cynical, and some who believe fully in past lives. Whether past lives are real or not doesn’t really matter to me, because what I imagined in the Hypnosis gave me clarity on some issues & made me feel better. So, as a therapy tool I am now happy using it, especially if someone has a strong feeling that they've lived before. It is a fascinating experience & I would recommend it if you are willing to go with the flow & see what comes up!

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