Psychotherapy and Counselling are talking therapies. Just telling a therapist how things are affecting you can really help to lift the weight of worry, stress & anxiety. It is not for me to give you advice on your situation - in fact we will work together to help you find your own solutions. This is achieved by giving you space and time to reflect on what you really want. We have lots of options, including working with the 'parts' of your personaility to ensure that all of your needs are heard and fulfilled. I use various techniques to help you explore your inner values and beliefs, so that you can find the cause of your issues and work them through to a resolution. I will explain any technique used and the theory behind it, so that you remain in control of the direction of the therapy. 

Hypnotherapy is very different from stage hypnosis. In therapy we use hypnosis to access a wonderfully relaxed state - this is called 'trance state'. You remain in control and aware of my suggestions. Only once you've experienced it will you realise that there is no such thing as 'mind control' and I use this relaxed state to make positive suggestions to your unconscious mind - which you are free to accept or reject. When you really want something, suggestions work because they are in line with your wants & needs. Once you trust the process, you will find yourself able to go deeper into trance, paying little attention to my suggestions as you drift into your own world, enjoying the rest & peace that comes with hypnosis. The suggestions will work at an unconscious level and you will notice the desired changes happening over the course of our sessions. Most clients benefit from between 4 - 6 sessions.

Neurolinguistic Programming is the practise of  working with the patterns or 'programmes' that operate in your mind. If you have a programme that isn't working for you - for example a phobia, then we can change this by working out exactly how you 'do' your fear. We would firstly discuss how your phobia works physically - how you feel, what you see, hear, taste etc. and then I'd take you through a reprogramming technique where we interrupt the phobic response and replace it with a much more resourceful state. Exactly which technique we use depends on you, and this would be decided once we've had our first session. NLP is also very useful when you want to increase your motivation, so I use it with most clients.

Past Life Regression is a technique used in Hypnosis, where the client is taken back through time to previous lives, where you explore, evaluate & discover past memories from your unconscious mind.

It can provide insight into your personality traits, your unexplained feelings or even why you are drawn to certain people or places. It may help you break a repetitive cycle that has been with you a long time, or resolve some inner conflict. If you have a feeling that you have lived before, or a strong sense that you need to go back in time, this technique may work for you. Each session is 2 hours to allow for full exploration and processing afterwards. I was very cynical about the benefits until I tried it. You can read about my personal experience of Past Life Regression on my blog.