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Gastric Band Hypnosis - The Truth

When I was a very keen trainee Hypnotherapist, I took an extra course in Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. I was very excited, having seen some amazing stories on TV & online about it's success. I eagerly posted on Facebook for volunteers to 'practise on' - didn't think that one through! I was inundated with requests from friends & even people I'd never met! But I got lots of practise & really enjoyed it, learning some valuable lessons along the way (for a laugh read my 'Confessions of a Hypnotherapist' post).

Many, many sessions later, and once qualified, I happily began accepting clients for 'VGB' (Virtual Gastric Band) Hypnosis. All was well, people lost weight easily, they were happy, so I was happy. I also ran Weight Management Groups, where people addressed their relationship with food while losing weight using Hypnosis & Psychotherapy. One lady told us she'd previously lost 5 stone with another Hypnotherapist using some kind of VGB technique - AMAZING right? Except she'd come to the group after putting 7 stone back on & realising that no matter how much weight she lost - if she didn't deal with the underlying issues then she'd never maintain a weight she was happy & healthy with.

I noticed that although I worked on these issues with all of my weight loss clients, many of them focused on the VGB "magic cure" aspect. It even failed for one client & I felt that offering a quick fix after the work we'd done just went against the whole ethos of changing the relationship with food. Sadly, I realised that it was getting in the way of long term change & decided to stop using VGB altogether.

Any quick fix diet or technique works initially, because we all want to be a certain weight/size by that holiday/birthday/wedding etc. or we think we'll be happier when we're slim.

The lure of fast weight loss is very strong & difficult to resist. That's why slimming clubs & diet products & Gastric Band Hypnosis are so popular - but how many times do you want to lose weight, gain more & repeat before you decide enough is enough?

If you see a Hypnotherapist for VGB who says they're successful with it - they are likely being honest. I know it works for most people - but how long does it last?

Now I use a blend of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy with my weight loss clients because if I'm honest, the Hypnosis works (with motivation, relaxation, feeling satisfied with less food etc.) but it wears off. The lasting change comes from the work we do on your mindset. Once you learn something about yourself, you can never 'un learn' it.

An unwanted habit can be broken with Hypnosis - but you have to eat to survive - it's not something you can just stop doing!

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